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About Us


Orgabio Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd. is mainly involved in instant coffee and beverages O.E.M. (Private Label) services, specializing in premixed coffee products. After years of hard works, Orgabio Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd. has risen to become one of the largest premixed coffee O.E.M. (Private Label) manufacturer in Malaysia!

Orgabio Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd. is currently located at Selangor Beranang Industrial Park, it is about 50,000 sq ft, and is one of the subsidiaries of Orgapharma Group founded in 2006.

Orgabio Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd. has a complete R & D team, and with the technical guidance provided by the domestic and foreign professional R & D team, it always maintains a high quality and continues to develop the new from the old in the ever-changing times, in order to create products of better quality that meet the consumer needs.

In term of product research and development, Orgabio Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd. is in line with the idea of the pursuit of health by modern people, combined with a nutritional function, to provide a new recipe for the healthy living of the modern people.

When manufacturing each product, Orgabio Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd. will conduct microbiological test, quality test and chemical analysis for the product, from the control of raw materials to the manufacturing of products, Orgabio Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd. always adheres to the modern and strict control, therefore it has been awarded the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certification by the Malaysian Ministry of Health, Halal certification by the JAKIM and ISO 22000:2005 international standards of food safety, enabling Orgabio Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd. to expand its products in the international market and give consumers a guarantee on the food safety and credibility.

Orgabio Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd. is well-known in the manufacture of premixed coffee in Malaysia, in addition to the supply in the domestic market, many foreign companies from U.K., U.S.A., Japan, China, Indonesia, Philippines, and Southeast Asia have been attracted to Malaysia by its reputation, and Orgabio Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd. is ready to provide high quality and customized services to the foreign companies.

Over the past few years, Orgabio Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd. has established a good relationship with dozens of listed and international companies, Tesco, Amway, Aeon, Winalite, Malaysia domestic supermarket chains Econsave, HAI-O and other well-known companies are long-term partners of Orgabio Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd., there are products manufactured by Orgabio Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd. in the direct sales market to the traditional market.