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Our Stories



Mr Ean Yong Tin Sin established Orgapharma Marketing Sdn Bhd. Focused on manufacturing traditional medicine capsules and tablets form of products.


Established Orgabio Manufacturing Sdn Bhd to manufacture powder forms of food and instant beverages.


Transformed business focus to Private Label Services for instant beverages and food supplements (100% local market).
Traditional medicine capsules and tablets form of product line was discontinued.


Due to the success of business transformation, Orgabio shifted their production from a 2,500 square-feet plant to a 65,000-square-feet factory plant located in Beranang, Semenyih.


Orgabio is focusing on Premix Coffee, instant beverages and food supplements.
Currently Orgabio’s products are being exported to Southeast Asia, China, Hong Kong, Middle East, Russia, Japan and India.